What Does HLA Mean to You?

We are all touched by HLA and ASHI in different ways. Are you a trainee? Are you a technologist? Are you a vendor? Are you just learning about HLA? Are you a clinician? Are you focused on research? Are you a director? Are you brand new to HLA? Have you been in HLA for many years? We want to hear from YOU!

We will accept 1-3 minute video submissions until Friday, October 2nd. The newly formed Communications, Engagement and Marketing (CEM) Committee will select the top three video submissions and share your ‘ASHI love’. We will also ask ASHI members to select a “People’s Choice” award using the ASHI YouTube channel. These videos will be shared prior to the annual ASHI meeting and with the ASHI community on our social media platforms. Click here for a link to ASHI's YouTube channel. (which you should subscribe to!)

By submitting a video, you are giving permission for us to share it. Your video may be posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or on the ASHI website. Feel free to be creative! We hope to receive a wide variety of videos that highlight our amazing community of scientists, directors, technologists, and trainees. Some ideas to touch on include:

What does ASHI mean to you? 
How has ASHI influenced your practice or field? 
Has ASHI, as a society, influenced you?

Here are some sample videos:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Please submit your video to Samantha Kresz at ASHI Headquarters. In the email, please indicate your:

  • Name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone number
  • Laboratory/institution